The Importance of the PAUSE

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Have you ever thought about the importance of the PAUSE?

A PAUSE is when you stop whatever you are doing, or what you were just going to do, and give you a brief moment to think before you act. 

You get time to truly listen and think when pausing with whatever you’re doing. You’re not obligated to respond to something at a second notice. You have the time that you need to think through.

Sometimes you need a pause mid-conversation, to make sure what you are saying is correctly portrayed the way you want. You can also pause right before an action, to make sure you won’t do anything that might be stupid or too spontaneous. 

You can also have bigger pauses, that don’t just last a couple of seconds. Sometimes you need a BIG pause before deciding on something. Sometimes you’re sure you want something, but after the pause, you’ve found another reality. That is what pauses are for. To make sure that you don’t ever doubt yourself afterward. That is the award that a proper pause can give you.

Time spent after a pause can be the most critical time of your day.

Everyone remembers when they reacted to something too quickly and wished that they had paused and thought about it instead of acting too fast. That’s the benefit of pausing because when you pause to think or listen, you tend to view things differently than before.

Do you know that weird feeling you have when something doesn’t feel right? That’s your gut telling you to have a PAUSE. Your gut is good at telling you when to pause when you have to think things through before deciding on something.

So remember this: Take your time. Listen to your gut. Don’t act irrationally. Pause whenever you’re ever in doubt of something. Pausing can help you sort out your thoughts, so don’t underestimate pausing up. And remember to breathe.

If you ever need someone to help you pause and think things through, book a discovery call with me and I’ll help you on how you can get the most out of your PAUSE.

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